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Toukokuu 18, 2022, 23:44:14 ip
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Osmo Leikko

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Eihän meillä esiinny tämmöistä, eihän?

Ever heard of the word “gatekeeper”?

If you look up the word “gatekeeper” you will find that it means “a person / thing that has complete access to something”.

Being young in the classic motorcycle industry I have found they there are many older folks that happen to be “gatekeepers”

What do I mean?

In other words, the “gatekeepers” in our motorcycle industry do little / nothing to help or preserve the hobby of classic British motorcycle by not sharing, helping or encouraging those around..

Me being a young person in this industry I see first hand that many “gatekeepers” are in fact selfish and  on an ego trip…

How does it effect our industry?

As the older generation pass on there bikes to the younger crowd, everyone at some point will need some type of guidance

“Gatekeepers” hold back valuable information, history and motorcycles that are kept on a tight lock - This mentality turns people off from being involved (or wanting to be involved) in this industry..

Do your part, help out

If you can’t share what you have learned before you checkout, ask yourself what have you done to help the industry?

As they say… “the wealthiest place on the earth is the grave yard”

Be wise, be humble and help someone out!
Meidän tulee olla todella kiinnostuneita tulevaisuudesta, koska joudumme
viettämään siellä loppuelämämme.

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Mika T Kyllönen

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Joo ei, kun ei ole sitä "motorcycle industry":a. Harrastusta vain.