The Vintage Motorcycle Club of Finland

Finnish vintage bike lovers hail new generations

In 1975 established Vintage Motorcycle Club of Finland (VMPK) is today going stronger than ever with its 7000+ club members. The club was founded in Tampere, a mid-sized Finnish industrial town, quite near the place where the first electric light in the Nordic countries was switched on in 1882 by local Finlayson’s cotton fabric beside the rapids of Tammerkoski. In the beginning there were only some 15 motorcycle enthusiasts; working-class boys and young students who keenly rode and smoked their old ironhorses, mostly East European, very well used and cheap bikes. After the Second World War eastern European bikes became popular because of the limitations of imports and general solvency of pennypoor youngsters. The easterners were perhaps not technically the best bikes, but you could learn a lot while maneuvering with them.  Quite soon the club began to get more new members from all over the vast country of Finland. Then you could also begin to see more rare old makes and also expensive luxury brands; Harley-Davidsons, Indians and especially the greatly admired British race bikes.

From the very beginning VMPK was well aware that taking care of the nation’s heritage of old motorcycles and social culture it involved was one of club’s main tasks.  This meant collecting and storing of Finnish historical literature, documents, pictures and stories about racing circuits of past times. very profound think was also to get the official historical vehicle status, so called museum motorcycle status, for the authentically restored motorcycles. This soon led to a regulative law of historical vehicles. Today we have thousands of high quality finished certificated historical motorcycles in our club register.

Today Vintage Motorcycle club of Finland includes 17 regional branches. All of them have numerous meetings and activities every year. The Veteran Rally is our club’s main event, the “must” meeting every summer, collecting together old bike lovers from Finland and even from all over Europe. The next Rally of Summer 2017 will be organized in the Jämsä Himos leisure hills, in central Finland.
From the very beginning of the founding of the club it has been important to hold club members mentally tied together by own, well edited journal Huimapyörä (Flywheel). Today Huimapyörä magazine is issued six times a year.

The future of the club and vintage motorcycling in general will surely be challenging. Legislation concerning gasoline engines, climate, pollution etc. will, of course, require our clear understanding and response. Are the roads accessible also for our slow-going motorcycles in the future? Do we again understand the value of motorcycle-heritage as a general part of our society constructions from historic point of view?

The Vintage Motorcycle club of Finland has active contacts with the same minded enthusiasts in the neighboring Nordic and in Baltic countries and further. We in the VMPK hope that you contact us whatever you have in mind concerning the old bikes or motorcycle culture in general. Look at our home pages, and discussion forum, fresh journal Huimapyörä, contact sellers and buyers in the pages and especially visit our rallies and meetings where ever you are or plan to be in Finland. In the forthcoming summer 2017 you, of course, can’t avoid The Imatra road racing championship in 7-9. July, not to mention our club’s main rally in 4-6. August in Jämsä Himos.

We shall welcome you warmly and hope that you will have a very nice time with the Finnish motorcycle heritage community!